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Bangladesh and Myanmar through dialogue and consultation.

German Chancellor and leader of the Christian Democratic Union party http://www.cheapnfljaguarsjerseys.com/b … an-jersey/ , Angela Merkel, closes her eyes while speaking after exploratory talks on forming a new government broke down on Sunday in Berlin. Photo: AFP
Chancellor Angela Merkel was left scrambling to drag Germany out of a crisis Monday after high-stakes talks to form a new government collapsed, potentially forcing Europe's top economy into snap elections.

Germany now faces weeks, if not months, of paralysis with a lame-duck government that is unlikely to take bold policy action at home or on the European stage.

With no other viable coalition in sight, Germany may be forced to hold new elections that risk being as inconclusive as September's polls.

Merkel http://www.cheapnfljaguarsjerseys.com/a … es-jersey/ , whose liberal refugee policy has proved deeply divisive, had been forced to seek an alliance with an unlikely group of parties after the ballot left her without a majority.

But following more than a month of gruelling negotiations, the leader of the pro-business FDP, Christian Lindner, walked out of talks overnight, saying there was no "basis of trust" to forge a government with Merkel's conservative alliance CDU-CSU and the ecologist Greens.

"It is better not to govern than to govern badly http://www.cheapnfljaguarsjerseys.com/p … eh-jersey/ ," he said, adding that the parties did not share "a common vision on modernizing" Germany.

Voicing regret for the FDP's decision, Merkel vowed to steer Germany through the crisis.

"As chancellor... I will do everything to ensure that this country comes out well through this difficult time," she said.

News magazine Der Spiegel called the breakdown in negotiations a "catastrophe" for Merkel and said Germany, long seen as an island of stability, was having its "Brexit moment http://www.cheapnfljaguarsjerseys.com/m … on-jersey/ , its Trump moment."

French President Emmanuel Macron, who has sought Merkel's backing for an ambitious EU reform plan, expressed concern about Germany's political deadlock, saying "it is not in our interest that the situation becomes tense."

The euro fell on the news, but Germany's blue-chip DAX remained largely firm, losing just 0.47 percent in early trade.

The acrimonious negotiations stumbled on a series of issues including immigration. Merkel let in more than 1 million asylum seekers since 2015 http://www.cheapnfljaguarsjerseys.com/b … ch-jersey/ , sparking a backlash that allowed the far-right AfD party to win its first seats in parliament.

Its parliamentary co-leader Alexander Gauland relished the collapse of the talks, saying that Merkel had "failed" and that his party "looks forward to potential new elections" in which it stands to make strong gains.


DHAKA, Nov. 19 (Xinhua) -- Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina met visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi here on Saturday, with both sides emphasizing their willingness to further deepen pragmatic cooperation.

Hasina congratulated the successful holding of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and thanked the Chinese side for offering long-term support and aid to Bangladesh's development and construction.

Last year, Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a historic visit to Bangladesh http://www.cheapnfljaguarsjerseys.com/a-j-bouye-jersey/ , establishing the strategic cooperative partnership between the two countries, Hasina said, adding that the Bangladeshi side is willing to further deepen pragmatic cooperation with the Chinese side in all fields.

For his part, Wang said China is willing to work with Bangladesh to firmly support each other on issues of core interests and major concern, and deepen China-Bangladesh strategic cooperative partnership.

He expressed the hope that the two sides could speed up the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative, and actively push forward the building of Bangladesh http://www.cheapnfljaguarsjerseys.com/k … le-jersey/ , China, India and Myanmar-Economic Corridor.

The Chinese foreign minister also suggested the two sides to explore new cooperation areas such as maritime cooperation. China will continue to encourage Chinese enterprises to invest in Bangladesh, he added.

Hasina and Wang also discussed the Rohingya issue. Wang said the issue should be resolved by Bangladesh and Myanmar through dialogue and consultation, and expected the two sides to sign an agreement as scheduled on the repatriation of the Rohingya people who have crossed into Bangladesh.

China is willing to continue to offer support for a proper settlement of the issue, he added.

Wang also met with his Bangladeshi counterpart Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali on the same day.

Both sides agreed to strengthen mutual trust and mutual support, and boost cooperation under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Regarding the Rohingya issue http://www.cheapnfljaguarsjerseys.com/m … us-jersey/ , Wang stressed that it should be resolved by Bangladesh and Myanmar through dialogue and consultation.

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